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Ceramic Coating

Unparalleled protection for your vehicle's brilliance and longevity using fireball ceramic coatings

Fireball Ceramic Coatings

Fireball is one of Australia’s premier ceramic coating manufacturers. It is by far the purest quartz based silicon dioxide ceramic coating available on the market. It is also up to 4x harder than any manufacturer applied standard paint protection. This means it can take quite a beating before your paint even begins to show any signs of wear and tear.”

Visionary Detailing is an Authorized detailing for Fireball Coatings.

The Science Behind Ceramic Coating Advancements

Ceramic coating has transformed car detailing.

Applied as a protective layer, it shields the vehicle’s paint from UV rays, scratches, and contaminants. Unlike traditional wax, ceramic coating lasts for years and maintains a glossy finish. Its hydrophobic properties also make cleaning a breeze. This innovation has redefined car detailing, providing long-lasting protection and enhancing aesthetics.

More About Our Ceramic Coating

We offer 3 types of Ceramic Coating products that will have your car shine and stay clean for the next few years! Our products are highly certified to get the job done!

1 Year - Talon

Ceramic For Rims & Brakes

Talon is our specialized high temperature coating which is used to coat wheels and brake components or anything that exceeds normal temperatures.

βœ“ 1 Year+ Durability
βœ“ Hyper hydrophobic Nano-ceramic ⁠
βœ“ Great hydrophobicity. ⁠
βœ“ Heat resistant up to 800C. ⁠⁠
βœ“ Multi-layerable for added protection
βœ“ Highest Levels of Depth & Gloss for Wheel Coating on the Market

2 Year - Aegis

Ceramic Coating For Interior & Exterior.

Aegis offers outstanding protection for both exteriors and dedicated interior surfaces. This adaptable nano-technology based coating is so refined it’s an absolute marvel to behold.

βœ“ 2 Year Durability
βœ“ Flexible-hard Outer Shell
βœ“ Adds high levels of gloss
βœ“ High chemical resistance
βœ“ Versatile-multi-surface
βœ“ Si02 Content comparative to top tier competitor offerings that claim (5 years +)

5 Year - Silla

Ceramic Coating For Interior & Exterior

Silla is the highest corrosion resistant ceramic coating in the Fireball collection specializing in assurance against harmful contaminants. It features a single layer that warrants up to a 5 year guarantee from a proven formula pushing boundaries that provides excellent chemical resistance against salt, rust, and grime.

βœ“ 5 Year Durability
βœ“ Added Protection From Pollution
βœ“ Highest Chemical Resistance
βœ“ Intense Surface Clarity
βœ“ Perfect For Marine Applications

Questions and Answers

How is ceramic coating different from traditional waxing or sealants?

Unlike traditional wax or sealants, which provide temporary protection and need frequent reapplication, ceramic coating offers a far more enduring solution. It chemically bonds with the surface, creating a hard and permanent layer. While waxing wears off over time and requires regular upkeep, ceramic coating can last for years without fading or losing its protective qualities. Additionally, ceramic coating provides better resistance to chemicals, UV rays, and scratches compared to traditional options, making it a more comprehensive and efficient choice for long-term surface preservation.

Can I apply ceramic coating on my own, or is professional application recommended?

While there are DIY ceramic coating kits available, professional application is generally recommended for optimal results. Proper preparation of the surface, precise application techniques, and controlled curing conditions are crucial for the ceramic coating to bond effectively and deliver the desired benefits. Professional detailers possess the expertise, tools, and controlled environments necessary to ensure a flawless application, maximizing the coating’s longevity and performance. If you’re seeking the best results and long-term protection, entrusting a professional with the application process is a wise choice.

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