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Visionary Detailing Opening At 9:00 A.M.

High-quality detailing services at your doorstep. We take pride in our work and invest our time when it comes to exceeding our client’s expectations. Most importantly we ensure we save you time! No more dropping off your vehicle at a shop, it can all be done on your driveway! Book an appointment today!

Mobile Detailing

Discover convenience redefined with Visionary Detailing's mobile service. Experience top-tier car care brought to your doorstep, ensuring a pristine vehicle without ever leaving your home.

Full Interior

Starts at


3 hrs 30 mins

Full Interior and Exterior

Starts at


4 hrs 30 mins

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Complete Package

Starts at


4 hrs 30 mins

Full Exterior

Starts at


4 hrs +

PackagesFull InteriorFull Interior + ExteriorComplete Package
Interior vacuuming

Interior wipe-down of the dashboard, console, & doors

Leather seats treated and conditioned

Salt stain removal (light removal)

Full-scale steam cleaning of the entire interior

Deep shampoo treatment for carpets, seats, & mats

Uv protective coating applied to all plastic panels in the vehicle

Dead skin removal

Cleaning of interior windows

Comprehensive mobile service

Pre-rince foam wash-

Hand wash with scratch free micro-fiber mitts-

Detailed door jambs-

Hand dry entire vehicle-

Tire shine application-

UV protection dressing applied to plastic trim-

Rims and tires detailed-

Cleaning of exterior windows-

Clay bar of the entire vehicle--
Full vehicle decontamination (removes small iron particles or orange dots from paint)--
Paint sealant with ceramic properties ( 3 months of protection)--

Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

Experience a vehicle transformation with our paint correction service at Visionary Detailing. Restore brilliance, correct imperfections, and unveil a stunning, showroom-quality finish for your car.

5-Year Ceramic Coating + Paint Correction

Starts at


30 mins +

2-Year Ceramic Coating + Paint Correction

Starts at


30 mins+

Paint Correction

Starts at


30 mins+

Packages5 Year ceramic coating2 Year ceramic coatingPaint Correction
Comprehensive mobile service
Pre-Rince foam wash
Hand wash with scratch free micro-fiber mitts
Detailed door jambs
Cleaning of exterior windows
Tire shine application
UV protection dressing applied to plastic trim
Rims and tires detailed
Cleaning of exterior windows
Clay bar of the entire vehicle
Full vehicle decontamination (removes small iron particles or orange dots from paint)
IPA wipedown
Application of 2 year ceramic coating--
Application of 5 year ceramic coating--
24 hour curing time-
1 stage paint correction on entire vehicle
50-60% scratch and swirl removal

Ambient Lighting

Elevate your vehicle's ambiance with our ambient lighting installation service. Enhance the interior with customizable, mood-setting lights for a stylish and immersive driving experience.

Interior Ambient Lighting

Starts at


4 hrs 30 mins

PackagesFibre OpticsLED
Ambient Lighting on all 4 doors
Ambient Lighting on main Dash
Footwell lights
Bluetooth App to change colours
Powered by cigarette lighter socket
30 day warranty
OEM Look
Visible during the day-
Thinner Tubes-

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